Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RECEPIE: wild greens salad of the southern california coast.


this is a ground cover commonly found in moist areas and likes some shade. it is easily identified by its leaves of which theur is but one on the end of a single stem comming together at a rootstalk with other stems, sometimes not though. the leaf is circlular to mitten shaped and the stem attaches to the very center of the leaf. it's also easily identified by its spicy flavor. all parts are edible raw or cooked.

the wood sorrel is a very common ground cover that resembles clover but has a light green color, its flowers are yellow. It is best to limit the amount of this you eat as it contains oxalic asid which can disrupt calcium uptake in large doeses. leaves, stems, and buds are edible raw.
this common flowering plant is widely cultivated in suberban wastelands across the continent. All parts of it are edible, however for this particular dish i like to use the flowers only. CAUTION: do not confuse with the Tiger Lily which is poisonous.
All thease plants grow profusely in suberban wastelands of the california coast. this should be very, very easy to make. For this salad i like to to chop up the miners lettuce, but this is not nessisary. I also like to add a dressing of fresh squeezed and pulped oranges which also grow profusely here. Add all these together and you get a yummy, nutricious, abundant, and FREE salad. Bon Apatite!

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Urban Scout said...

Mm. Miners lettuce. Yeah, don't eat too much sorel or you'll get the runs fool!